What covenant should I join wow shadow priest?

What covenant should I join shadow priest?

Best Shadow Priest Covenants for Mythic+

Much like in raids, Necrolord and Night Fae are the top choices in 9.1.

What is best Covenant for Shadow Priest PvP?

Best Covenant for Shadow Priests in PvP

  • Venthyr is the best Covenant option. This gives you more mobility and a strong offensive cooldown, Mindgames. …
  • Necrolord is another good Covenant you can choose. This gives you a strong 2-minute defensive, Fleshcraft, and a very powerful offensive cooldown, Unholy Nova.

Is Shadow Priest good in Shadowlands?

Shadow Priest Shadowlands 9.1.

Shadow Priests have historically been the kings/queens of spread out multi-target cleave. Sadly though, this has been significantly nerfed in Shadowlands. Making us primarily good at pure single target DPS with some value at stacked cleave from the Shadowflame Prism legendary.

Which legendary IS BEST FOR shadow priest?

Best Overall Legendary for Shadow Priest

Shadowflame Prism is the preferred option.

What is the best covenant for holy priest?

Best Covenants for Holy Priest

Best Raid Covenants
Kyrian Good, Damage Focused Pelagos
Necrolord Great, Defensive/Throughput Value Emeni
Night Fae Great, Utility, Mobility, Mana Regen Niya
Venthyr Good Theotar
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Is Necrolord best for shadow priest?

Necrolord Exclusive Legendary for Shadow Priests

This is an extremely potent legendary for Single Target, as it scales with our secondary stats and provides a huge amount of burst damage. We already want to cast Unholy Nova on cooldown, and that does not change.

Is Necrolord good for Shadow Priest PvP?

On it’s own Unholy Nova deals very high damage, especially if you can land it on multiple targets, but what makes necrolord so strong for shadow priest is the legendary power Pallid Command, as you probably know our legendary choices are very lackluster for shadow in pvp if you’re not necrolord, this legendary is one …

Is Shadow Priest fun in PvP?

Shadow Priest is not just “good” for PvP – it melts faces (as they say)! In 1v1 scenarios, the Shadow Priest excels. They’re a great class for duels and World PvP. Not very hard to play neither, but to master, that’s something else.

Which covenant is best for fire mage?

The best covenant for a Fire Mage is Night Fae for both Mythic+ and Raid. Night Fae’s signature ability, Shifting Power, provides the cooldown reduction needed along with kindling to make Combustion just above a 1-minute cooldown, it usually ends up being around 68 second cooldown on single target with no movement.

Is Shadow Priest hard Shadowlands?

In PvP, Shadow Priests are hard to kill due to having multiple defensive cooldowns at their disposal alongside a possibility to swap health with their teammates if they pick up a PvP talent. They have multiple viable compositions at their disposal, which makes them flexible partners in arenas.

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Did shadow priest get nerfed?

Devouring Plague damage reduced by 8%. Dissonant Echoes’ (Conduit) Void Bolt damage reduced by 5%.

How can I get Talbadar memory?

This runecarving power comes from the Memory of Talbadar. You can get this memory from the Upper Reaches wing in Torghast. You must be running Layer 3 or higher.

How do I get Painbreaker Psalms?

Painbreaker Psalm

  1. Runecarve on: Chest, Back.
  2. Source: Drop: Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Fracture Chambers, Layer 3+
  3. Requires: Priest (Shadow)