Your question: What’s another word for evangelist?

What is a synonym of evangelist?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for evangelist. missionary, missioner, missionizer, revivalist.

What do you call a person who preaches?

A preacher is a person, usually a member of the clergy, who preaches sermons as part of a church service. Synonyms: clergyman or woman, minister, parson, missionary More Synonyms of preacher.

What do Evangelist means?

English Language Learners Definition of evangelist

: a person and especially a preacher who tries to convince people to become Christian. : someone who talks about something with great enthusiasm. : a writer of any of the Gospels in the Bible.

What is the Greek word for evangelism?

evangelize Add to list Share. … The word evangelize comes from the Church Latin evangelizare, “to spread or preach the Gospel,” with the Greek root euangelizesthai, or “bring good news.”

What is evangelism in the Bible?

In Christianity, evangelism (or witnessing) is the act of preaching the gospel with the intention of sharing the message and teachings of Jesus Christ. … In addition, Christian groups who encourage evangelism are sometimes known as evangelistic or evangelist.

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What is another name for a speaker?

In this page you can discover 49 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for speaker, like: keynote speaker, addresser, orator, platform orator, prolocutor, spokesman, speechifier, mouth, elocutionist, spokeswoman and rhetorician.

What is preacher’s Kid syndrome?

Some writers suggest that there is a “preacher’s kid syndrome”, in which children of clergy reject religion and the church. Such rebellious children of the clergy are a stock figure in the Southern literature of the United States, and this view is seen as a stereotype.

What are antonyms of preacher?

What is the opposite of preacher?

layman layperson
proselyte neophyte
follower unordained person
nonbeliever laity
priestess non-Christian

What are the different types of evangelism?

Using the book, Becoming a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels, the workshop unpacked six approaches to evangelism. The six styles are: Direct, Intellectual, Testimonial, Relational, Invitational, and Service. Every single person has God-given gifts and abilities that fall into one or more of these six approaches.

What is aggressive evangelism?

The heart of Aggressive Planning Evangelism lies in walking up to a complete stranger outdoors and sharing the word of God with them. … Aggressive Planning Evangelism doesn’t demand too much effort on your part. All you have to do is to dedicate two or three hours per week to share your faith with strangers.

What is the difference between evangelical and evangelist?

An evangelical is someone who thinks evangelism (preaching the gospel) is important. An evangelist is someone who actually preaches the gospel. Both of these words are derived from the same root word, “evangel” which refers to someone who “tells forth” (good news).

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Who were evangelist in the Bible?

In Christian tradition, the Four Evangelists are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the authors attributed with the creation of the four Gospel accounts in the New Testament that bear the following titles: Gospel according to Matthew; Gospel according to Mark; Gospel according to Luke and Gospel according to John.

What does Chief evangelist mean?

A Chief Evangelist (or Brand Evangelist) is, among other things, an ambassador for your product, service or business. They actively—almost fervently—promote a positive message that advocates others to buy or use the product.

What is a soul winner?

A soul winner is a Christian who has the habit of sharing the gospel. Teaching people who are not yet born again. The life of a soul-winner impacts people with the love and word of God. If you intend to be a Christian influencer, your day-to-day activities must reflect Christ.