When you fluctuate with no rhyme or reason.


A while back I was asked by 200churches.com to come up with a list of the top challenges pastors face. What you’re reading is the seventh in this series.

Pastors face the constant challenge of establishing and maintaining personal and church priorities.

We tend to drift away from, rather than towards, our priorities. It doesn’t matter whether they be personal priorities or church related priorities. Like a riptide that pulls us from shore, there are forces at play pulling us from the things that we value, from the primary, from our goals.

Do you have ‘established’ priorities? The word ‘establish’ comes from the Latin and means ‘to make firm.” Are your priorities firm, are they written down? Could you easily recite your personal values, or the values of your church? Could your leadership team quote the priorities/values of your church? If you, or they, can’t…then your priorities are probably not established.

One of the more common problems I run into with pastors and churches is a lack of focus, a failure to establish priorities. The pastor, or the church they lead, fluctuates from one focus to the next with no rhyme or reason. From here on out I’m primarily thinking about church priorities rather than personal priorities.

An earlier post of mine, ‘Learn from In-N-Out Burger, do a few things well.’, might be helpful for you to read after this.

So the first challenge is to identify and establish the priorities of your church. Prayerfully sit with a yellow-pad, or your laptop, and invite the Holy Spirit to come and show you what your priorities are, or should be. Write them down. Establish them. Make them firm.

After this, the next step, the one that is equally as challenging, is to focus on your priorities/values, and never stop. By ‘focusing’ on your priorities I’m referring to the means by which you will demonstrate or express your priorities. The expression of priorities can change. Priorities, or values, seldom change.

Identify, focus, establish, maintain. Identify, focus, establish, maintain.

One of the most common challenges pastors face the constant challenge of establishing and maintaining personal and church priorities.

How is this going for you?