When will denominations and conference-planners get it?


Here’s a frustration I hear all the time from pastors returning from a church conference.

“It was good but the main speakers all had big churches and most of what they said didn’t relate to our size church.”

I bet you’ve experienced that. I know I did many times when I was pastoring. And it’s not just the main-session speakers. It’s not unusual for those leading workshops to have churches much, much larger than the majority of those attending.

This isn’t a problem if the speaker is talking about soul-care, sermon-crafting, dealing with conflict, etc. subjects like these. But if the speaker is advising on how to run your church or grow your church, there’s a good chance his/her advice is not going to fit in your situation.

So where then does the pastor of a smaller church go for ideas that work? Well of course there’s me. 😉

But seriously, here’s an idea that will work Let’s say you have a church of 50. Let’s say you’re trying to figure out how to have a quality children’s ministry with few volunteers and resources. Do this. Find the pastor of a church twice your size. You have 50 so you’re looking for a pastor with 100.

Take them out to lunch or buy them a cup of coffee and ask them, “When you were our size how did you provide a meaningful children’s ministry with few volunteers and resources?” I can almost guarantee that this pastor will have far more ideas that might work for you than the pastor of 1000.

It would be interesting for denominational planners of church conferences to try this. If 70% of the pastors attending your conference have 100 or less people in their church then have 70% of your speakers be pastors of churches with 100 or less. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?