When someone leaves your church for another church.


“…others have labored and you have entered into their labor.” (John 4:38)

It is always sad, confusing, and frustrating when someone you have poured your life into leaves your church to join another’s. I know that many have sat under my leadership and then moved on to another church. Their new pastor is reaping where he did not sow. Their new pastor is entering into my labor. It’s hard to find solace in that but we need to try. And remember, it goes both ways. People have come from another’s church to join mine. A while here, a while there, a while someplace else.

How much of this is God placing the chess pieces where he wants them?

True…many, if not most, leave their church for poor reasons. Often times those that leave do damage to us personally and to the church as a whole. A few leave for good reasons.

One church sows and another church reaps. Then that church will sow and some other church will probably benefit sometime down the road.

The church is often weak and dysfunctional. The migration of Christians from church to church doesn’t help this.

Remember the next time someone leaves your church and begins attending another church that your investment in them was not in vain. Someone will benefit from the good you deposited in them. And maybe, just maybe, at some point they will stop going from church to church, stay put, and do their part to end the migration of Christians.

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