When Fear Infects The Heart, The First Thing To Go Are The Eyes.


Most pastors live with fear, I know I did when I was a pastor. There are so many things to be fearful of while leading a church:

  1. Will there be enough money in the offering this week to pay the church bills?
  2. Will there be enough money to pay me?
  3. What if there’s not enough money and I have to get an outside job?
  4. How can I lead the church if I’m not available due to working an outside job?
  5. What will happen if “so and so” leaves the church?
  6. My numbers are dwindling. How long can we stay open?
  7. What if there is a church-split?
  8. What if I fail to manage conflict in my church?
  9. How will I pay my bills when I reach retirement?
  10. There are some people in my church that are mad at me. What will be the ramifications of that?

It’s important for us to remember that fear can become a filter through which we see everything else. Fear distorts reality. Fear can prevent objectivity. Fear causes us to react rather than reflect. Fear can make a mountain out of a mole-hill. (I know all about moles. We’ve got those nasty little buggers all over our property.)

Is there anything that is currently causing you fear or anxiety? If so, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it possible that I am making the problem into something bigger than it really is?
  2. Has fear and anxiety entered my heart, and if so, how might it be effecting my perspective?
  3. How might I gain objectivity?
  4. Who do I know who might help me be more objective?
  5. How might I effectively give this fear over to the Lord so that I could find peace and greater objectivity?

Never forget, when fear infects the heart, the first thing to go are the eyes.