What Does Beyonce And The Church Have In Common?

A several years ago I went on one of those low-carb diets. In about nine months I lost 40 pounds! I managed to stay at my dream weight for….about two days. A year later I was back to where I started. I had never before jumped on one of those diet bandwagons, but low-carb was in and I fell for it. There have been many diet fads you might remember. In the 70’s diet pills were popular. In the 80’s their was the Scarsdale Diet, then came Atkins in the 90’s. Today some of the most popular diets are celebrity-endorsed diets. Jennifer Aniston is into The Zone. The Kardashions, QuickTrim. Beyonce promotes (and I don’t even want to know what this involves) the Master Cleanse.

Diet fads come and go but the nutrition experts keep saying the same thing: Diets don’t work! Watch your portions. Get some exercise. Eat less calories than you burn. Lose weight slowly and you’ll probably keep it off. You’ve got to change your life style.

In other words…focus on the basics.

There’s always going to be a new diet that promises results. And there are always going to be new ways to do church that promise results also. Some of these models work for some and not for others. Some fade away never to be heard from again.  We’ve been told to have a small group focused church, a seeker-sensitive church, a postmodern church. I can’t figure out if my problem is that I’m not missional enough or not emergent enough. And about the time I think I finally understand the difference between the two, Phyllis Tickle comes along and writes a book completely redefining emergent! I hear the attractional model is dead. Should I have a cell church, house church, or simple church? I just read an article telling me that Evangelicalism is on the way out so I need to find what’s on the way in and join them.

The above models, those that have passed and those that are current, all have something legitimate to say. But it seems to me that we need to simply focus on the old tried and true basics: eat less calories than you burn, get some exercise, more fruits and vegetables, and give it time. Get it?

Why not take a moment to reflect on the following two questions: 1) What are some of the basics? 2) How well am I doing the basics?

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