Want 7 ways you can develop “the art” of leadership?


Scott Williams

There is a difference between talent and skill. Talent is inherited. Skill is developed. When I started out in the ministry I was lucky that a lot of things came naturally for me, at least in regard to things like preaching, pastoring, leading, etc. It’s not that I didn’t make mistakes (believe me, I made a bunch) but much of what made up “ministry” came intuitively to me, or at least enough of it so that I didn’t do too much damage while giving myself time to learn, mature, and grow more in my leadership skills.

Scott Williams in his article: “7 ways to develop the “art” of leadership”, gives some advice I wish I had at the beginning. Scott says, “Leadership is a form of art, and it’s an art form that almost anyone can learn to some degree.” Scott’s   advice will give you ways to develop your own skills and could also be used as a leadership training lesson.

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