Three Components of a Home Run Sermon

UnknownHave you ever had a home run? I’m not referring to your glory days in high school. I mean a home run, out of the stadium, ball bouncing around in the parking lot sermon. I’ve had a few…or at least I thought they were. And then again, there have been times my assessment was “home run” only to hear from my wife later that afternoon, “You’ve done better.” Ouch…foul!

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is being a preaching coach. Everyone, even the best of communicators, can become better, and the process of increasing one’s effectiveness in speaking is greatly accelerated when one has an objective pair of ears to offer helpful suggestions. I want to share with you three essentials for a home-run sermon. When crafting your message always focus on: Strong Content, Practical Application, and Dynamic Delivery.

Strong Content. Here you are asking yourself if your teaching is biblically and theologically solid. Does the passage you are teaching from really say what you say it says? You need to know that what you’re teaching on is rock-solid because you’ve studied it out for yourself instead of merely passing something on that you’ve been taught by someone else. If you haven’t had any training in the area of hermeneutics, I suggest you find a good book on the subject and read it.

Practical Application. Every home-run sermon will answer the question, “So what?” Great sermons make great application for those who are listening. What are you giving them that they can take with them and apply during their week? And while I’m at it…make sure the application relates to their week and not yours. Most of your people live in a different world than you do. Scratch where they itch.

Dynamic Delivery. Are you interesting to listen to or boring as…well you know? Do you have good eye contact, do you incorporate humor in your sermons, do you have good fluctuation in your voice? Are you articulate? Are you dull or fascinating when preaching? Dave’s rule #12: Bore your people, go to jail.

Don’t settle for a single or a double. Your people deserve at least a triple and occasionally a home run. If you want to knock it into the stands focus on Content, Application, and Delivery. Hum-now batter…sa-wing!

If you think you might benefit from having a preaching coach…let’s talk.

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