This Might Get Me Kicked Out Of The Charismatic Club.

I believe there is a lot of imagination and exaggeration in the experiencing and reporting of miracles. I could get boiled in anointing oil for this, but that’s what I think.

I believe in the miraculous power of God, believe this power is available today, pray for the miraculous… but don’t see a lot of it, not the “real-deal” blind-eyes-see type of stuff. The truth seems to be that with the millions of prayers offered up each day very few of them result in spectacular, in-your-face, uncontested miracles… basically, like the ones found in the Gospels and Acts.

In the Roman Catholic Church, before someone can be canonized a Saint there must be, I think, two or three confirmed miracles performed by the candidate or by someone praying to the candidate. By “confirmed” they mean that there was no other reasonable explanation for the miracle other than a miracle.

Maybe that’s going too far.

Just because some cancers go into remission on their own does not mean that others did not do so as a result of prayer. Reminds me of the old priest who was interacting with a skeptic:

Skeptic: You Christians claim to get answers to prayer. How do you know it’s not just coincidence?

Old Priest: You might be right. All I know is that I see more coincidences when I pray.

Still, despite my heretical ideas, at least heretical for a charismatic, I will keep praying for miracles as best I can and take what I get thankfully even if it is imagination or exaggeration.

I don’t think I’m a very good Charismatic.

Now keep in mind. I’ve been “baptized in the Holy Spirit”, speak in tongues, I’ve fallen under the power of the Holy Spirit and flopped on the floor like a mackerel but…

1. I’m not that interested in, fascinated with, or focused on signs and wonders.

2. I don’t see many signs and wonders among those who are interested in, fascinated with, or focused on signs and wonders.

3. I seldom agree with the hermeneutics used by those who are interested in, fascinated with, or focused on signs and wonders.

4. Like the Emperors New Clothes, the reports of miracles seem more exaggeration and imagination than certifiable miracles.

5. The things I am interested in most Charismatics don’t seem to be too interested in.

I hope this doesn’t get me kicked out of the Charismatic Club…I’ve been a member for so long it would be tragic if it did.

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