Things Worship Leaders Do That Make It Hard For Me To Worship

So a few days ago I announced that I was working on an article entitled: Worship leading 101: things worship leaders do that make it hard to worship. I was a pastor/worship leader for many years, I have some thoughts about this, but before I began I suddenly realized that the worship leader from my church might read the article and think I was singling him out and then punch me next Sunday. I’m bigger than he is but he’s younger than me and probably could take me out. Anyways…before I knew it people began to put their own examples on Facebook. In fact, my worship leader responded with the single word “Yeah!”, so apparently he is pretty secure and therefore I feel comfortable to continue.

So here is a partial list of the comments people sent in:

Things worship leaders do that make it hard to worship.

Singing a song in a key that is too high for me to sing in.

Introducing too many new songs. Give me time to become comfortable with a song.

When my worship leader suddenly sings harmony…I don’t know if I’m supposed to follow that or continue to sing melody.

Sometimes my worship leader will suddenly change the way she has played a song in the past. So I guess you could say it’s singing a familiar song in an unfamiliar way.

I think It’s good to tell people ahead of time that the song about to be sung is a new song.  Then they don’t feel stupid because they don’t know it.

Extending the song past its crescendo. It seems to me (you can probably tell I am a musician) that songs will build up to a crest and then need to come down.

Too much talking by the worship leader.

Too little talking by the worship leader…sometimes some well-chosen words can accentuate the worship experience.

Some songs are written in a way that makes them hard to anticipate. There is not the normal structure one would expect to find in song writing.

Abrupt transitions between songs.

Sometimes the list of songs don’t seem to fit together, kind of like, “Why did we go from that song to this one?”

Because I am a song writer, and maybe this is subjective, but sometimes I feel that a song is just poorly written in the first place.

When they do announcements in the middle…breaks my concentration and spirit of prayer.

Not a long enough worship time.

Praying too much during & in-between songs.

Wear distracting clothes. too revealing, sexy, etc.

Sing different words than what is on the screen.

I also don’t like when they tell me how to worship, i.e. “Ok now…let’s clap our hands.”

Singing a song endlessly until it starts to rub that “please stop it now” nerve.

Giving no thought to transitions between songs.

Not paying attention to what the congregation ( or small group ) is doing. Be observant and be flexible in the arrangement to allow the Spirit to affect what is happening.

Introducing new songs too frequently is another buzz-kill. Especially if the song is inserted in the middle of a familiar set.

Multi-media failures. I would rather have someone who knows the songs using an overhead projector, than an unreliable computer program.

Dial down the flash pots if you are going to be stage-diving.

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