Things I’ve Learned After 1 Year on Facebook & Twitter

Pertaining to Facebook:

It’s nice to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

Misspelling words makes you look stuped.

Some Christians feel it’s ok to slander and speak contemptuously of others they disagree with politically.

Being poked makes me uncomfortable.

Someone warned me that Facebook can be a time-waster. They were right.

If you have 500 friends probably only 10 are reading your updates.

Some people haven’t aged well.

It’s cheating to use a 15 year old profile picture…unless you’re trying to be funny.

I feel guilty when I ignore someone’s attempt to chat with me.

It concerns me that some people remember me but I don’t remember them.

It concerns me when I act like I remember those people.

Facebook is a forum for some who shouldn’t be given one.

If you post more than 10 times a day you are probably irritating someone. That’s why I only do so 11 times.


Pertaining to Twitter:

Many who say they want to follow me really just want to sell me their products.

It’s hard to say something good using only 140 characters.

Every pastor should be forced to be on twitter so they can learn to say something good in only 140 characters.

People who use those sites that allow you to say more than 140 characters are cheating.

Really pretty girls from Russia always want to follow me.

I feel guilty if someone asks me to RT and I don’t.

I feel guilty if someone follows me but I don’t want to follow them…like pretty Russian girls.

People who use Hootsuite to release 20 tweets all at the same time are cheating.

I like being forced to be brief.

Did I already say that I think every pastor should be forced to be on Twitter?

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