The Last In A Series: If I Were Planting Again, I would…


So this is the last in a seven part series about what I would do different if I were planting a church again. In case you didn’t know, Ellen and I planted three out of the five churches we pastored before I retired and became full time leadership coach. A few of the ways I’d do it differently are actually repeats of ways I did church in the past, but most of them represent a new approach to ‘church’. And remember, my list is in no way a criticism of how you do church or how others do church.

If you have questions then post a comment and I’ll reply. Also, this list was not in any order of importance, it’s just what came out of me as I began writing. Ready? Here we go.

If I planted a church again…

#32 We could show honor and respect and appreciation for all denominations and expressions of the church, regarding our ‘experiment’ as one way, not the best way, and a way that may, over time, prove to have failed.

#33 We wil love all people and regard all who claim Jesus as Lord and the Bible as the word of God to be our brothers and sisters in Christ.

#34 Teaching on Sunday mornings would be exegetical book studies.

#35 Members would be encouraged to have their ‘pastoral needs’ met by one another rather than expecting them to be met by the pastor. This does not mean the pastor would never be involved in meeting pastoral needs members might have.

#36 Certain decisions effecting the church will be made communally or democratically. These type of decisions will be determined by the pastor.


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