The Insincere Pastor


The word “sincere” comes from Latin. Break it apart and you have “sine” (without) “ceres” (wax).

When marble columns were being cut from the quarry, often nicks and cuts would mar the marble surface. Stone cutters would put white bee’s wax in these cuts to hide the blemish from an unsuspecting buyer.

Of course, once the stone was in place, the hot sun would melt the wax causing the blemish to appear. Therefore, being “sincere” means you are the real thing. No imitations or trickery. You are “without wax!”

All of us have nicks and cuts that mar our character. Some of us cover our blemishes with wax because of our pride and others of us do so out of wisdom, i.e. we’ve learned from the past that being honest and transparent with people can be dangerous. Have you ever been honest with someone about a weakness and later regretted it? Most of us have.

I think that transparency is greatly over-rated. Most people around us can’t handle our honesty. But here is the problem…we need to be transparent, at least to someone.

If we are going to be sincere pastors we must have someone in our lives that we can let see the nicks and cuts in our lives, someone who we can be “without wax.”

Do you have someone like that in your life?

If not, where could you start looking to find someone like that?

Does hidden pride keep you from being sincere?

What are the blemishes you might be covering up?



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