The Four D’s For Church Boards.


More and more I find myself being called upon to train, coach, and equip church boards. Your church might call this group: elders, the counsel, session, deacon board, different denominations use different names. One of the most common things I’m asked is, “What is the role of a church board?” This is an important question to answer. I’ve come up with what I call The Four D’s. The Four D’s are easy to remember and easy to communicate to your parishioners when they ask what your board does. Here are The Four D’s. Dollars, Direction, Discipline, and Diagnosis.

Dollars: the church board helps the pastor when making decisions regarding budget, salaries, and any major expenditures.

Direction: the church board helps the pastor identify and implement methods to carry out the values of the church. Also, the board helps the pastor navigate any proposed shift in the direction or mission of the church.

Discipline: the church board helps  the pastor with any disciplinary problems with church members and the board steps in should the pastor fall into sin or error and need to be corrected.

Diagnosis: the church board helps the pastor evaluate the over all health of the church in regards to it’s stated values and mission. Also, the church board evaluates the pastors ministry in regards to his/her ministry job description.

Do you need a simple way to explain the role of your church board? Are you looking for a job description for your board? If so, then The Four D’s are for you.

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