The Distant God

Why do you stand afar off, oh Lord? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? (Psalms 10:1)

Everyone appreciates the honesty of David. A spiritual giant, very human, committed some serious sins, but still, a “stand out of the crowd” kind of guy. But he was not afraid to write down his pain and confusion with his God. At the end of each Psalm that contains such things, he always comes around. He comes back to God’s faithfulness, a faithfulness that often delays its proof. It’s the delay that is hard. When God seems “afar off”, when God seems to be hiding. “God, God, where are You? I need Your help.” Nothing, silence. Silence from God while that enemy stands nose to nose screaming at us. I’ve been there, in more ways than one. Is that how you feel today? I guess it’s in that “heat of the moment” that real faith comes out… or not.

The farther away one walks from us the smaller they become. The closer they approach us the bigger. But the person is the same, close or far away. However, when I need help I want someone to come close, not remain at a distance. And this is how God seems at times… distant, standing idle while the quicksand slowly swallows us up. And according to my understanding, my limited, subjective perspective, God is not being fair, kind, loving, but instead… hiding, leaving me on my own.

This is one of many mysteries of God that we will just have to live with. And hopefully, as time goes by, as we grow and mature, we become a little better at accepting this mystery and our faith in God grows. Perhaps the goal in life is to come to the end of life still believing that God is good no matter what pain has been allowed in our life. No matter what.

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