The Blame Game

You remember the story in I Samuel 30. David has been away on a military campaign and while fighting the battles of the Lord his enemies raid his home town taking away all the women, children, and everything else they could get their hands on. In verse 6 we read, “…and David was distressed because the people spoke of stoning him…” Poor guy, here he is doing what he’s been called to do and out of no where he gets blamed for something he could not have anticipated. Ever felt that way? Have you ever been blamed by they very people you’ve been called to shepherd?

Blame is part of the game, expect it, don’t be surprised by it. Don’t over-react to it. In fact, ask yourself, “Am I over-reacting?” Can you identify any truth, no matter how small, to the accusation? If so, humbly cop to what you need to cop to.

Remember that Jesus was misunderstood and wrongly accused. Fellowship with Him on this point. You’re in good company, He can relate. Even if you are completely innocent ask this question, “If God were trying to teach me something through this, what might that be?” And finally, keep moving forward. Don’t get bogged down by blame. And don’t forget the last part of I Sam. 30:6, “But David strengthening himself in the Lord his God.” What a great example David provides us. He was a great leader but even great leaders get blamed. He was a great leader and great leaders know how to strengthen themselves in their God and move forward. Blame is part of the game.

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