The 3 P’s That Will Move Your Church In The Right Direction


Pastoring sometimes feels like getting up on a treadmill, you’re exerting a lot of energy, but the truth is…you’re not going anywhere. Just because you’re busy does not mean that you are productive. The trick is not to work harder but to work smarter. In fact, the smarter you work the less number of hours you need to be productive. It is possible to be a better pastor in less time.

In order to be more productive, more effective, and better at moving your church in the right direction you need three P’s.

Product: Your product is people. But not just any people, you’re trying to produce followers of Jesus. Few pastors would argue with this. However, if you get a group of pastors together and ask them what a ‘follower of Jesus’ actually looks like, you will get similar and different answers. That’s okay. What’s not okay is having some vague fuzzy idea of what a follower of Jesus looks like. I suggest you draw up a list, don’t make it too long or it will end up being unattainable, of what practices, attitudes, and focus a follower of Jesus should have…in your opinion. Is it clear to you what your product is?

Preaching: Too many pastors preach without purpose. Often there is no rhyme or reason to the things they decide to teach on. Whatever you are trying to produce needs to be reflected in your preaching. You preach on ‘this’ in order to produce ‘that.’ Are you preaching with a purpose?

Programming: Just as there needs to be a purpose to our preaching, there also needs to be a purpose to our programing. We do ‘this’ because we are trying to produce ‘that.’ Ministries or programs in your church that do not reflect or produce your ‘that’, need to be evaluated and sometimes eliminated. Is there anything your church does that is not producing your ‘that’?

Do you know what your product is?
Are you preaching with a purpose?
Do your programs help produce the product you want?

This might be a great topic for discussion at your next leadership team meeting.