Takeaways #25: bits of truth and wisdom gleaned from past coaching calls.

If you’re hoping to bring about significant change in your church by merely preaching a significant sermon, you’re setting yourself up for significant disappointment.

Developing a spiritual life is not complicated but it is hard.

Sometimes the weight of God’s grace will cause you to collapse before Him in both sorrow and joy.

Coaches help people identify steps and take the first step towards their dreams or goals. You don’t begin by worrying about all the steps…only the first one.

It is very difficult, and unwise, to claim to know what all Millennials think. It’s very popular today to claim to know what all Millennials think. All Millennials don’t like this.

The wolf population is still alive and well. Sometimes, however, they disguise themselves as sheep. They still smell like wolves. A good shepherd knows how to recognize their smell.

Some pastors are good at hiding their anger…but they’re not.

If after having been offended you can walk away without becoming offended yourself, your soul will expand and you will bring pleasure to the Father. But this is hard.

Sometimes you need to be hard on yourself and sometimes you need to be easy on yourself. And you always need wisdom to know which is best under your circumstances. God will give you wisdom.

Just because God can be unpredictable is not the same as God cannot be trusted.

Love is a vibe that comes out in our preaching…or not. Loving the people you are speaking to is an important part of homiletics.

One test of a leader is their ability to say no to good things in order to make room for the best things.

We do a disservice to those preparing for the ministry if we fail to prepare them for how hard the life of a minister can often be. If this scares them off then they probably were not called by God in the first place.

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