Takeaways #22: Bits of truth and wisdom gleaned from recent coaching calls.


Takeaways #22 March-June 2013.

People will not change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.

Be careful of changing things when you feel restless or bored. A sense of restlessness and boredom are often an indication of something deeper the Father wants to address in your life.

Thinking of yourself less is not the same as thinking less of yourself. The first leads to freedom, the second, bondage.

I’m certain the Bible is the inspired word of God, I’m just not certain my interpretation of it is inspired.

There is such a thing as a healthy poor self-image.

“Will you trust Me for everything?” – God

Follow up and assimilation, follow up and assimilation. Retaining visitors is dependent on follow up and assimilation.

A good pastor is worth being paid well.

The first job of a church board is to take care of the pastor. The second job of a church board is to help the pastor take care of the church.

If we really believe in God’s sovereignty we will look at obstacles and delays differently.

Your church will not mind a regular flow of special speakers unless the special speakers suck. Special speakers need to be able to at least hit a triple. In this coaching session we discussed putting together a preaching team that consistently hits triples.

Pay attention to the existence of, or absence of, peace. Both require a different response.

It is an uncomfortable but essential question every church must answer: What are we doing to reach and retain new people?

If an author doesn’t capture your attention by the third chapter, put the book down and pick up something else. Life is too short to keep reading a book that doesn’t grab you.

It’s funny how often we say, “Well…all we can do at this point is pray.” It’s like we’re apologizing that there isn’t something better we could do. Pray first. Prayer is best…then, after prayer, find if there is something else that might accompany the best thing.

Embedded in each challenge or difficulty we face, is something the Father is trying to teach us. What are you facing? What might the Father be trying to show you?

In regards to spiritual formation, your alarm clock is the best tool in your bag.

Isn’t it interesting how we make some sins wrong but acceptable and others wrong and unacceptable?

Ask people questions and listen carefully to their answers and you’ll gain a reputation as one of the world’s greatest conversationalists.