Takeaways #24: bits of wisdom & truth gleaned from coaching calls

Have you noticed how the words from one person can be enough to put the wind back in your sails? Choose to be that type of person.

Be willing to adapt, modify, alter, change, adjust, readjust, convert, redesign, restyle, refashion, remodel, reshape, revamp, rework, redo, reconstruct, reorganize; customize, improve, amend, refine, tweak…if need be.

Some churches, and the pastors who lead them, are intimidated by bullies. At some point someone has to say, enough! Someone has to be willing to get bloody, to climb into the ring with the bully and take off the gloves.

Pay attention to those times when God doesn’t seem to be speaking. That’s one of the ways He speaks.

A bunch of cakes half-baked is not as good as a few cakes fully-baked. Focus on a few things and do them really well.

Just because you can’t close the back door is no excuse for letting it be wide open.

Not all great ideas, pressing needs, and unusual opportunities that come to us are from God. Wisdom and prayer reveal what the Father is doing. Hesitate before you say yes.

There is a presence of God that feels like an absence.

Confidence is not necessarily arrogance. Make sure your confidence does not come across as arrogance. Make sure your confidence is not really arrogance.

When we listen more than talk and ask more than tell we communicate love, honor, respect, and care. This is a better way to communicate.

One of the most common tactics of the devil is to attempt to put a relational wedge between the pastor and the worship leader.

If we only preach on giving when we are in trouble we’ll always feel uncomfortable preaching on giving. If we preach on giving regardless of the giving (up or down) we’ll feel comfortable preaching on giving and our people will feel comfortable hearing about giving.

If in your preaching you give off the vibe that you are irritated with your people you will not accomplish with your sermon what you were hoping to accomplish.

In the end, everything will be ok. If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.

You don’t have to pick up your phone every time it rings. This is why God created voicemail.

Great sermons appeal to the intellect, the emotions, and the will.

Inside everything or anyone who has hurt you is imbedded something the Father is wanting to teach you.

Be on the watch for frustration. Frustration leads to irritation, which leads to separation.

Want to have happier people? Ask them to attend fewer meetings and raise the meaningfulness of the meetings you do ask them to attend.

An ever increasing inner peace is a sign of an ever increasing spirituality.