Takeaway #23, bits of truth and wisdom gleaned from coaching calls.


Takeaways #23 (July 2013)

A church needs to know when, why, and how to start a ministry…and, when, why, and how to end a ministry.

Focusing on breaking the next growth-barrier seldom results in breaking the next growth-barrier.

Focusing on breaking the next growth-barrier often results, not in breakthrough, but in frustration and fatigue.

Acting upon the subtle promptings of God is like an unwrapped popsicle on a hot summer day. If you don’t respond to it quickly it will melt away.

You teach what you know, but reproduce what you are. What you are is developed in that quiet place alone with God.

The challenge for the church today is to learn how to be divided without dividing.

Break big decisions down into a series of smaller decisions that you prayerfully deal with one at a time. These steps (smaller decisions) will lead you to making a wise and peace-filled big decision.

Everyone talks about thinking ‘outside of the box.’ Before you can think outside of the box you must understand what’s inside the box. Thinking outside the box does not mean you have to destroy the box, but instead, enlarge the box.

We must never forget that our denomination (or church) is only one expression of the larger body of Christ. That “larger body” is greatly loved by Jesus.

Every pastor needs a shelf in their office where they put things to be addressed later. Knowing when and when not to address things is a key leadership skill.

When you delegate (take something off of your plate) it usually means you’re putting something on someone else’s full plate. Don’t free yourself and burden someone else. Learn to delegate. Teach those delegated to to delegate. Once delegation reaches someone who has nothing on their plate…you’ve won!

When you delegate, don’t overburden someone else so that you can be less burdened.