Takeaways #26: bits of truth and wisdom gleaned from past coaching calls

Do what you should do and could do. Don’t worry about what you shouldn’t do and can’t do.

The sermon preparation time is as holy as the sermon delivery time.

It’s hard to say ‘no’ to people in crisis, but sometimes you must.

Many times the things we think are so urgent are not as urgent as we think.

Someone once said, “I’ll have plenty of time to rest when I get to heaven.” That might be true and not resting just might get you there quicker.

Vision and provision go together. If you have vision but no provision wait until the provision comes. Unless, of course, God tells you to do otherwise.

As a pastor don’t ask your leaders to conform to your leadership style. Ask your leaders what style of leadership they will flourish under and you do the conforming.

Feed what you want, starve what you don’t. (I’ll leave the application up to you.)

You get what you tolerate.

There’s very few things wrong with a shorter sermon but there can be very many things wrong with a sermon that is too long.

Passion + skill + need = fruit.

You might be running fast but if you’re headed in the wrong direction you’ll only arrive where you don’t want to be sooner.

It’s amazing how quickly some Christians can get mean and nasty. If you are right, but mean and nasty, you are wrong.

Sometimes you just have to go through the motions until the motions go through you and stick and become genuine change.

Discouragement occurs when you focus more on what God isn’t doing instead of what God is doing.

What do you need to forget? What do you need to remember?

Each time we respond to the still small voice of God our spirituality advances. Be listening.

Don’t let applause go to your head nor criticism go to your heart.