Summer Outreach Idea: Barbecue Competition Sunday

With the weather starting to warm up this is a perfect time to begin planning a Barbeque Competition Sunday. We tried this in our last church and it was a big success. And why wouldn’t it be, everyone loves barbeque. But this is barbeque with a good-natured competition and outreach twist.

It’s simple, those entering the competition bring their own barbeques with them on Sunday and set up prior to the service or immediately after.  Teams can be formed by family, singles, home groups, etc. The teams supply their own meat, chicken, links, whatever, and the church provides drinks and paper goods. Remember that this will be lunch for everyone so you’ll need to figure out how much food each team should prepare to insure there’s enough for the whole crowd. You might want to have some sort of activity planned for the children to keep them occupied after the service and before the food is served.

Each team will be scored on taste, enthusiasm, and how well their booth is decorated. Here’s the great part, you and your board are the judges…yum. To make it even more fun, bribing the judges is encouraged. Trophies can be awarded to the most flavorful, the most enthusiastic, best decorations, and best all around.

This is an easy event for your members to invite their unchurched friends and relatives to. Once again, everyone loves barbeque…especially free barbeque!

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