Speaking of behalf of God…does it scare you? It should.

“… but I kept the matter to myself.”… Daniel 7:28

Journal entry 3.12.12

Daniel had a spectacular dream, spectacular indeed. The ramifications were global, history-altering. He writes it down, but, keeps it to himself. Great wisdom, great restraint. You don’t have to share everything God shows you. Not every dream, vision, “word” has to be told. Some words are from God, but some aren’t. Mary, “… treasured these things in her heart.”

Some things are spoiled through the sharing. Some things need to bake a little longer and that’s where the restraint comes in. Nothing’s worse than a cake doughy in the middle. Wait, restrain, let the timer go off… if it does. Trembling should accompany the words: “God told me…, God showed me…” Think of how disturbed you can be to discover someone says you said something that you didn’t. I wonder if God ever thinks, “Hey…I didn’t say that!”

The scribes made copies of the scriptures with fear and trepidation and that was the written word. It is awesome enough to declare the scriptures… how much more a prophetic word? Speaking on behalf of God, a scary thing, something that carries with it great, great responsibility. Let not many of you become teachers…