Should a Christian bless a Buddhist?

Last Saturday night Ellen and I attended Dancing With the Rogue Valley Stars, a local fundraising event for Sparrow Clubs of southern Oregon. 800 supporters of Sparrow Clubs and the dancers performing had a wonderful time with this take-off from the enormously popular Dancing With The Stars show on TV. At the intermission I struck up a conversation with an elderly woman next to me named Stella. She shared a bit of her life with me. I learned that she was a former dancer and had once owned her own dance studio. She also told me she had been abused in her younger years and that this led to depression, alcohol abuse and even an attempted suicide.  Her life turned around when she embraced Buddhism. Stella was a delightful woman filled with life, love, and peace. I shared with her a bit about my past and present, the lights went down and it was time for the show to resume.

At the end of the evening as Ellen and I stood up to leave I turned to Stella and we joined hands. She told me how much she enjoyed our brief conversation. I agreed with her and said, “God bless you.” She warmly thanked me.

As we made our way through the crowd I realized…I just blessed a Buddhist! Can I do that? Should I have done that? If yes, why? If no, why? Questions for reflection.

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