Review: Thoughts to Leave Behind by Garris Elkins

31skPZB2qhL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Well it’s taken me a couple months to finish Garris Elkin’s latest book, not because it’s so long (only 75 pages) but because it’s so good.

Garris was my pastor for seven years. In 2014 he retired from pastoring after 33 years of serving churches, mentoring leaders and building the kingdom of God.

I’ve often said that I am more interested in what someone has to say at the end rather than the beginning. And even though Garris has many years ahead of him what you have in Thoughts to Leave Behind are tidbits of wisdom about life and ministry accumulated over the years.

I incorporated Garris’ book into my quiet times reading just one chapter (typically one and a half pages) at a time. I don’t remember how many times I said to myself, “Man…this is good, real good.”

Garris has written many books, all of which I’ve read and all of which I have really liked, but Thoughts to Leave Behind might be his best and the most important.

Whether you are a pastor or just a normal Christian trying to walk out your faith, do yourself, your soul, and your ministry a favor and get Garris’ book today. Don’t simply read it. Let it read you. How could a mere 75 pages be that good? I dare you to find out. You can find it here.