Resources by Dave

“My goal is to provide you with the most practical, affordable, and time-saving resources available.”    -Dave Jacobs

Men’s Discipleship: a Curriculum for Busy Pastors
The purpose of this curriculum is to instill in men the attitudes, practices, disciplines and habits that help one become a spiritually mature and growing man of God. This is a discipleship course with the sole intent of making disciples, i.e. followers of Christ from a male perspective. Great for one-on-one, small groups, men’s retreats. To learn more, go here.

Small Group Leader Training
This is a ready to go training for small group leaders that you can use one on one or in a group setting. To learn more, go here.

An affordable, practical, concise training in the art of coaching. Whether you’re interested in coaching as a pastoral skill or a possible vocation, this four hour course will give you all you need to get started. To learn more, go here.

My Best Holiday Messages
Coming up with new holiday sermons year after year is always a challenge. I’ve bundled together my best holiday messages in one neat package (actually a zip file) that you will receive immediately after placing your order. These notes will be delivered to your inbox as Word files ready for you to modify and use. To learn more, go here.

Better Pastoring in Less Time Workbook:
This is a program designed to help you identify what you should be giving your time to versus what you are giving your time to. This simple five step process will help you reduce your commitments and increase your effectiveness. It’s actually possible to be a better pastor in less time. (PDF) go here.

My Best Leadership Training Curriculum: After almost 30 years of training church leaders I’ve identified my top 13 leadership lessons (PDF)guaranteed to equip and motivate your leaders. This 30 page package provides you with leadership training curriculum for two years. To learn more and review a list of the subjects dealt with, go here.

The Better Sermons in Less Time Workbook: This step by step process can save up to 30% of your sermon preparation time without compromising content or quality. (PDF) To learn more, go here.

Personal Preaching Coach Package: Do you want to become a better preacher in the shortest possible time? If so, then my Preaching Coach Package will do just that. To learn more, go here.

Lay-Leader Preaching Coach Package is especially designed for the layman. Do you have leaders in your church who occasionally speak for you? Are there those you are training to be teachers and preachers? Do you wish you had more time to devote to training your “second-string” speakers? If so, then my Lay-Leader Preaching Coach Package will be an invaluable resource. To learn more, go here.