Preaching the Same Old Thing, Again and Again and Again


So here it is, the first day of December. Some of you pastorsĀ ill focus on the Christmas story each Sunday this month. Some of you will wait to focus on Christmas until the 21st. But all of you might be struggling to come up with something new to say about Christmas.

The same thing happens with Easter and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What to say, what to say? What to say that hasn’t already been said?

Maybe I’m just sentimental but I never get tired of the same old simple Christmas message. I like the baby in the manger, the angels in the sky, the shepherds checking things out, wise men from the East traveling far just to get a glimpse of this special child. I like it all. Over and over and over again…I like it. I never grow weary of it. Jesus taking the form of a helpless little child. The baby will grow up, tell us what the Father is like, and die on a cross to open the way to God. l like it. I don’t need a new twist on the Christmas message. I want the same old thing…again and again and again and again. And I’m betting that your people are the same.

Might I suggest that this year you don’t rack your brain trying to figure out a new was to present the old story. Just tell the old story. Tell them that God is with us. With all that is happening in the world we need to stare into the face of the Christ-child. With all the change occurring all around us we need to come back to that same old story that never changes. For unto us a child has been born.

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