Pig Slop

Hand picked. We go to the grocery store to get some apples. We survey the pile and handpick the best ones, those which are the most firm, colorful. You reject those with bruises, those discolored. The apples left behind eventually end up in a garbage pile, compost pile or used as slop for pigs.

When denominations handpick pastors for leadership roles they reject those with bruises and look for the perfect apple… according to their definition of perfect. But their criteria for choice is often flawed and shallow. Some apples are sweet on the inside although you would not guess by merely looking on the outside. Others look perfect on the outside but once you cut into them you discover worms.

Occasionally denominations can be worms that bore their way into good apples unnoticed at first.

Apple, “You can pick me but keep the worms away.”

Denomination, “Fine… we’ll pick another apple that’s ok with worms. There are more where you came from.”

Apple, “Fine… then I will be happy to be pig slop.”

Of course this is all humiliating for the poor apple but humiliation creates humility. You can’t be humble without being humiliated.

If you’ve been overlooked in your denomination because you don’t fit their definition of successful, rejoice! Jesus sees and appreciates the contribution you and your church are making for the kingdom of God even if the chiefs of your tribe don’t.

Have you been overlooked, passed over, made to feel invisible and insignificant by some of your peers or supervisors? I know how that feels. Tell me about it, leave a comment.