Pastors Never Lie


“Little white lies.” I’ve noticed I’ve said a few of them lately. Little white lies are in contrast to “big black lies.” They are lies, but not big ones.

The logic behind this is that the bigger the lie the more wrong it is, the smaller the lie the less wrong. One is black, the other white. But at what point does the white turn to off-white, then to gray, then to dark-gray?

That’s the danger of little white lies, they tend to lead us towards the black rather than away. I suppose that little white lies are occasionally necessary, the lesser of two evils, at least I’d like to believe that. The Bible has a lot to say about liars but nothing about little white liars.

Jokingly when speaking to my fellow pastors I’ve been known to say, “Pastors don’t lie they just exaggerate.” Have you ever noticed that when we report our Sunday morning attendance we always round the number up rather than down? We tell each other “things are going really good” when really, we’re exaggerating.

Exaggeration, a little bit of truth but inflated, magnified, exaggerated. Could this be, God forbid, a form of “little white lies?” Naw, probably not.