November 2012 Takeaways: wisdom & truth gleaned from coaching calls.

When a pastor is surrounded by a wise, godly, loyal leadership team it’s very difficult to make mistakes.

How will we help newcomers get on board and how will we help oldcomers stay on board? And…are we clear on what the board is?

We talked systems. Q. How do you know if a system is a good one or a bad one? A. If it works for you it’s a good one.

In regards to selecting a leader, the closer you will be working the more significant chemistry between you two becomes.

Sometimes the best way to communicate is to talk less.

The three stages of discipleship: me, we, them. Thanks to pastor Maggie for coming up with this one.

What needs to be different in 2013 in order to see something different than what you saw in 2012?

I encouraged the pastor to allow himself to dream. Dreams that originate from our imagination tend to shrink and disappear over time. Dreams that originate from God tend to grow and appear over time. Do you need to dream?

You won’t always have answers to people’s problems. Often all you can give them is your presence and your prayers. Often that is enough.

When you sin go ahead and slap yourself across the face once or twice but don’t beat your chest until your heart stops.

Most Christians are intimidated by their Bible. When a pastor teaches through the Bible the intimidation factor drops and Christians are emboldened to read their Bibles themselves.