My top 5, I mean 10, challenges pastors face. Pt. 1


A while back I was asked by Jeff and Jonny over at to come up with my top 5 challenges pastors face. I guess because I’ve now entered into my eighth year of coaching pastors they think I might know something about this. 😉

I thought, “That’s a good question. What would be my top 5?” 1, 2, and 3 came easily. Then 4 and 5…then 6, 7, and 8. When I was done I had 10. Looking over my list I realized that this could be a good series for me to write about. So I’m going to start. But before I do I wanted some ideas from you. Below you’ll find my top 5, I mean 10, challenges pastors constantly face. If after looking over the list you feel I’ve left something out (and I’m sure I have) leave a comment. Here’s my list:

1. The challenge of staying close to Jesus.

2. The challenge of not being too busy.

3. The challenge of staying focused on doing a few things well rather than many things mediocre.

4. The challenge of living under financial pressure personally or corporately or both.

5. The challenge of working with a dysfunctional church board.

6. The challenge of rejecting a culturally-imposed definition of success.

7. The challenge of how to measure church health.

8. The challenge of facing and overcoming various manifestations of fear.

9. The challenge of moving the church towards an outward focus.

10. The challenge of establishing and maintaining personal and cooperate priorities.

Let me know if you have any questions about my list or if there is anything you’d like to add to this list.