My First Music Review: Wilson & MacQueen


Apparently a couple of years ago Kris MacQueen and Adrian Wilson spent an evening together sharing, “…food, libations and guitars. As we listened to one another’s stuff, we realized that our songs really went together well. “Wilson & MacQueen” was born.

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to Adrian and Kris’ debut CD while driving all over town. Believe me it takes a lot to tear me away from my favorite Classic Rock station but I’m glad I took the time to pop their CD into my player.

How would I describe their style? Think ‘Mumford and Sons’ and you’ll be getting close enough. With “Wilson & MacQueen” you’ve got worship music but not necessarily the kind you’d sing in church. It’s more the type of worship music you sit (or drive) and listen to and all of a sudden realize you’ve been swept up into His presence.

Nicely produced, thanks to Jon Horvath, with rich strings, lyrics with some depth to them, and the vocals…let me just say…very nice indeed.

My favorite was track 1, Everything.

You can visit their site to listen before you purchase. If you like it, and I know you will, why not pass this review on to your friends on Facebook. Let’s get these guys out there.