My Church Is Better Than Yours.


Have you ever noticed that different churches focus on different things?

Some talk more about Jesus, some focus more on the Holy Spirit, for some it’s a focus on the Father, some emphasize the Bible, others social justice or being missional, and other churches focus on signs and wonders.

Maybe that is how it should be. Different body parts but only one body. Unfortunately we have a tendency to think our focus is better. We emphasize one and  de-emphasize the other… sometimes even attack or ridicule the other. The eye saying to the hand, “I have no need of you.”

Are there any ways that I contribute or participate in this? Do I patronize anyone or any group? Do I feel superior to any person or group? Do I have a hidden contempt for any person or group? Is it possible that someone’s emphasis reveals a deficiency in me… something I need in order to be more balanced… more whole?

We always think we are balanced. Is anyone really balanced? In what areas am I imbalanced, too focused or not focused enough? Can I really appreciate and learn from those that have a different focus or emphasis than mine?

Can I have opinions without being opinionated? Can I have a dialogue without a debate? Can I truly love, honor, and respect those that are different from me?

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