My Best Five Rules For Making Decisions

images-1Pressure and decision-making seldom mix well. Pastoring means pressure. Pastoring means making important decisions. So…pastoring + pressure + decision-making = trouble.

Be careful about making decisions while under stress or pressure. If you personally are in a “bad place”, i.e. stressed, burned out, angry, etc., hold off on making any important decisions. If someone in your church comes up to you with some problem and demands that you act immediately on it…hold off, don’t be pressured into action because something seems urgent. When we make decisions under pressure or stress the “mistake factor” rises significantly.

Five rules for decision-making:

1. Never make an important decision alone.

2. Never make an important decision without seeking objective counsel.

3. Never make an important decision without including your spouse.

4. Never make an important decision when under stress or pressure.

5. Most problems are not as urgent as they might seem. Therefore, you can wait to make most decisions.

What other “rules to live by” do you live by when it comes to making important decisions?

I’m not sure who coined the phrase, “tyranny of the urgent” but I bet it was a pastor. Don’t be bullied, Don’t be pressured by situations that seem to demand that you act immediately. If you are under stress or feeling pressured…wait.