Moving Forward Backward

Have you ever felt that despite your best efforts your ministry is moving backward instead of forward? With every person who leaves your church, every critical remark it seems a step backward. You are trying to move forward, but it appears you are moving backward. One step forward, two steps back. But what is happening is that you might be moving forward backward. Let me explain.

If God is standing behind you and you have your back to him (not because of sin or defiance) each step backward, each set-back seems like defeat which always produces discouragement. You definitely are moving backward from something but really, all the while, you are moving forward towards God, your perspective or orientation deceives you.

Not all set-backs are set-backs. Some set-backs are set-forwards, but they don’t look that way because we are walking backward towards God. And if while walking backwards we happen to look back, we see nothing because God is invisible. We could be on the verge of bumping into Him but would never know it because of our orientation. But if we hang in there and keep stepping back, we will pass through God who is Spirit and He appears in front of us.

Now one must be careful that their orientation is not due to personal sin, defiance, spiritual neglect, because those things always move us away from rather then towards God, but assuming that is not the case, one often is moving forward backward.

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