Maybe It’s Time To Quit And Start Over?


If you’re reading this you are probably either a pastor or a church leader who oversees some area of ministry in your church. Let me ask you a question. If you could start over (either start your church over or start your ministry over), what would you do differently? Now here’s my second question. What’s preventing you from starting over?

Sound interesting? Stupid? Impossible? Maybe your right, it might be stupid…and maybe you could start over. Here are five steps for starting over:

1. Draw up a list of what you would do differently.

2. Rate the things on your list: 1 = easy to start over and do differently, 2 = hard to start over and do differently but not impossible, 3 = seemingly impossible to start over and do differently. Next…

3. Develop a plan for your #1s.

4. Develop a long-term strategy for your #2s. Remember, #2s will be hard but not impossible. Starting over on #2s will take time.

5. Pray over and wait upon your #3s.

If you need some help…I can help.