Lopping off an Ear

Some of the deeper, more controversial points of theology usually have something about them that all can agree upon.

Strong opinions, particularly those held and voiced in an argumentative, opinionated, contemptuous, disrespectful way can be a smokescreen behind which a prideful, immature and unloving person hides. Why must there be things “hotly-contested” between brothers? We must contest coldly, no heat, only love and respect. I can have an opinion without being opinionated, have an argument without being argumentative. What good does it do to win an argument but lose that love?

It is assumed that with every difference of opinion, one is right and the other one is wrong. Is it possible, in some situations, that there is a little right and wrong in both? How often is there a third option left unseen, perhaps impossible to see because of the smokescreen? If my brother is wrong and the point of his “wrongness” does not mean heresy then what do I care? And if it does mean heresy… why do I care? If I feel a need to “dig in my heals” I’d better make sure I’m not doing so while standing on my brothers back. We must be careful and not lop off an ear when swinging the sword of truth.

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