Leadership Tidbits From 2 Chronicles

Back in July I finished about a month of meditating through the book of 2nd Chronicles. The purpose of meditation, especially meditating upon the scriptures, is to experience God, to hear Him speak directly to you and your situation. We don’t meditate upon the scriptures to get good sermons, however, often times the things God shows us during scripture meditation become easily transferable to our pulpit and our ministries.

For example, after rereading my journal entries from 2 Chronicles I discovered a series of leadership principles/rules that would relate to any pastor, church, leader, or anyone… for that matter, serious about following Jesus. Below I’ve listed the 8 leadership principles/rules that stood out to me as a result of my time reflecting upon 2 Chronicles:

1. Few leaders in the Old Testament finished well.

2. Those leaders in the Old Testament who came close, still managed to sin significantly.

3. Multiple wives led to problems down the road.

4. A man’s counselors, those closest to him, can make or break him.

5. Movements (the formation of Israel) tend to start out strong and end weak.

6. Even the best of leaders have a weak link in their armor. One must know their weak link(s), and be on constant guard.

7. God has ways to take bad leaders out.

8. Our faults, left unchecked, will have a tendency to be passed down to our children.

Why not take this list of 8 principles/rules and make them an object of your own personal meditation and times of reflection? Rest with them in the presence of the Lord and see how the Holy Spirit speaks to you, your situation, your ministry/church.