It’s Ok To Be Stupid But It’s Not Ok To Stay Stupid.


It’s ok to be stupid but it’s not ok to stay stupid.

Sometimes I feel like the world is filled with stupid people and I am their king. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life. I’ve done a lot of stupid things during the 30 years I was a pastor. Some of the stupid things I’ve done have been in response to stupid things that have been done to me. Either way…I’ve been stupid.

It’s ok to be stupid but it’s not ok to stay stupid.

If you have a history of doing stupid things, or if you have recently done something stupid, what can you learn so that you don’t stay stupid? We’re going to do stupid things. We can either be stupid and learn from it or be stupid and not learn from it. Either way…we’re going to be stupid. We might as well get something positive out of being stupid when we’ve been stupid, otherwise, it’s a waste of stupid.

Pastor, the next time you do something stupid humble yourself and admit it. If your stupidity has harmed someone else then apologize. It goes a long way to say, “What I did was stupid. I’m sorry.” Be careful about explaining or justifying your stupidity. Too much explanation and justification diminishes the sincerity of saying, “I’m sorry. I was wrong. What I did was stupid.”

Pastor, if your team makes a stupid mistake bring them together and start a discussion about how the team might learn from it. If you have a specific leader who does something stupid…don’t shoot them. Help them learn. Try to create an atmosphere where mistakes are ok, where being stupid is expected and accepted, but staying stupid is rejected.

Learn from your stupid mistakes. It’s ok to be stupid but it’s not ok to stay stupid.