Is It Time For You To Disappear?


He must increase and I must decrease. (Jn. 3:30)

He must, I must. It’s a necessity. John’s words are more than a reminder about the need for my will to shrink. John reveals a great humility, a willingness to disappear to himself…shrink and be absorbed, like a drop of water in the ocean.

It is one thing to never have experienced popularity and success, and then to embrace nothingness, and quite another to have experienced it (like the Baptist) and to accept losing it.

You see no evidence in John of fighting it, holding on to it. There is no struggle, but instead, a simple surrender, like a drop absorbed by the ocean. John was visible and now Jesus would be visible. But in order for Jesus to become visible, John would need to become invisible.

He could have protested but he didn’t. He knew who he was and who he wasn’t, what he had been called to and when his job was over. All that was left now was to finish well, lose his head, and disappear.

Is God asking you to disappear?

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