If I Planted a Church Again, I would…pt. 5


Each part of this series will contain five or six ways I’d do it different if I were planting a church again. I’ve already done it (planted a church) three times before retiring and becoming a full time leadership coach. A few of the ways I’d do it differently are actually repeats of ways I did church in the past, but most of them represent a new approach. Also, my list is in no way a criticism of how you do church or how others do church.

I’m not sure I will elaborate much on my list, maybe a little, but not much. If you have questions then post a comment and I’ll reply. Also, this list is not in any order of importance, it’s just what came out of me as I began writing. Ready? Here we go.

If I planted a church again…

#21 Members would be encouraged to make opportunities to be together between Sundays but there would be no pressure or expectations to do so.

#22 Our Sunday gatherings would typically include a meal.

#23 We would expect personal offenses to occur but also expect love, forgiveness, and reconciliation to result. Members reluctant or incapable of reconciling would have to leave. Members leaving for this reason would leave with a blessing from the group.

#24 The ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ (Gal.) would be the evidence of spiritual maturity.

#25 People joining our group would be asked to sign an agreement to this list.

#26 If, after a period of time, an individual proves incapable of, or no longer wishes to, live thy this agreement they will be asked to leave the group with a full blessing from the group.

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