If I Planted a Church Again, I would…Pt. 2


A while back, I can’t remember what prompted this, I made a list of everything I would do differently if I started a church again. I came up with a long list of changes I’d make. A few of my clients said they’d love to see my list so I thought it might make for a good blog series and possibly generate some interesting conversations.

Each part of this series will contain five or six ways I’d do it different. A few are actually repeats of ways I did church in the past, but most of them represent a new approach. Also, my list is in no way a criticism of how you do church or how others do church.

I’m not sure I will elaborate much on my list, maybe a little, but not much. If you have questions then post a comment and I’ll reply. Also, this list is not in any order of importance, it’s just what came out of me as I began writing. Ready? Here we go.

If I planted a church again…

#7 Offerings collected would be used to support the needy within our own group, with emphasis upon the needy elderly, those struggling to pay their own bills, and needy single mothers. If there were no people like this in our group we would then, and only then, seek out such people outside of our group to support. Support would not be limited to financial support.

#8 The Sunday morning ‘teaching time’ would be much shorter (15 min. max) in order to make more time for group participation such as: sharing, prayer, mutual encouragement, and the practice of certain spiritual disciplines.

#9 Sermons would be more interactive, i.e. followed up and interspursed with questions, discussion, and comments from the members.

#10. (Keep in mind that this list is not in any order of importance.) This model of ‘dong church’ would not be a good fit for everyone. Those for whom it is not a good fit would be encouraged to leave early on rather than later on.

#11 We would not invest time or money in ‘outreach’ or ‘evangelistic’ events. Instead we would strive to fulfill the ‘Great Commission’ relationally, one-on-one, seeking to be a positive influence in the lives of our unchurched friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers.

So…what do you think? Which one of these points do you like the most? Which one do you like the least? Leave a comment.

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