If I Planted A Church Again, I Would… Pt. 1


Let me say from the start…I have no intention of planting a church again. However, I’ve said that before, only to end up planting a church again. But really, Ellen and I planted three churches and that seems enough.

Occasionally I’m asked, “Dave, do you think you will ever plant a church again?” First, I start out by laughing, and then I say something like, “No, I’m quite convinced that what I am doing (coaching pastors) is what God has for me now.” In case you missed it, I pastored for almost thirty years and then retired in 2006 to begin Small Church Pastor. I’ve been coaching/consulting full time ever since.

A while back, I can’t remember what prompted this, I made a list of everything I would do differently if I started a church again. I came up with 37 changes I’d make. A few of my clients said they’d love to see my list so I thought it might make for a good blog series and possibly generate some interesting conversations.

Each part of this series will contain five or six ways I’d do it different. A few are actually repeats of ways I did church in the past, but most of them represent a new approach. Also, my list is in no way a criticism of how you do church or how others do church.

I’m not sure I will elaborate much on my list, maybe a little, but not much. If you have questions then post a comment and I’ll reply. Also, this list is not in any order of importance, it’s just what came out of me as I began writing. Ready? Here we go.

If I planted a church again…

1. I would try to be a humble, benevolent dictator, surrounded by a few people not afraid to get in my face and be honest with me.

2. I would continue my coaching practice and therefore be bivocational.

3. I would meet in the home and multiply home gatherings if necessary but not because of a plan to multiply home meetings.

4. If multiple house churches eventually developed I would be a ‘circuit-rider’ and visit each house church once a month.

5. We would have minimal operating expenses.

6. We would not be a 501c3.

That’s all for now. Leave a comment, tell me what you thinking.

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