Ideas That Work: Getting and Staying Organized, pt 3.


In part one of this three-part series entitled Getting and Staying Organized, we discussed some of the basic tools one needs to be organized, such as:

1. a calendar that can sync between all of your computers and phone.

2. phone–alarms

3. a “notes” notebook

4. Post-it notes

5. a quick look into your next day

6. a to-do list

In part two we focused upon one of these six tools, the “notes” notebook. Finally, in part three I want to give you five easy steps to get and stay organized:

1. Brainstorm and come up with a list of everything in your personal life and ministry life that needs organizing.

2. Prioritize that list.

3. Ask yourself, “Are there any tools that I need to get organized?” See part one of this series.

4. Assign dates and times to begin to work on the things on your list.

5. In three months evaluate how well your organization plan is working and make any adjustments as needed.

Getting and staying organized is not rocket science, but it does require certain tools and a specific plan to ensure that we stay on top of the things that we need to stay on top of.


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