Ideas That Work: Getting and Staying Organized, pt. 2

This article is the second of three on the subject of Getting and Staying Organized. It’s not uncommon for me to run across pastors who are, basically, disorganized. They miss appointments, let important thing slip between the cracks, and are often overwhelmed by what seems to be a life out of control. In part 1 I discussed the need to gather some simple organizational tools. On my list were:

1. a calendar

2. phone alarms

3. a “Notes” notebook

4. Post-it notes

5. looking ahead

6. a to do list

In this article I want to explain in greater detail the “notes” notebook.

First you need to get two notebooks. The first notebook needs to be thought of as a “junk drawer.” You probably have one of those in your home, it’s probably in your kitchen, most junk drawers are. We have one. Ours is completely filled with little odds and ends, no rhyme or reason, just things we toss in there thinking that one day we may need them. I love going through my junk drawer, it’s like a treasure chest, I never know what I’ll find in their.

Instead of jotting down phone numbers, things to remember, the name of that book your friend mentioned over the phone, on separate pieces of paper that end up strewn all over your desk… everything like this goes into one notebook. No more random slips of paper. Everything you jot down can be easily retrieved in one place. Never again will you ask, “Now where did I put that piece of paper.”

Next, you need to get a second notebook. This is not a junk drawer. This is the one place where you keep all of your ideas. I have such a notebook. My notebook is divided into different categories: ministry products I’m thinking of developing, article ideas for my blog and website, book projects, sermon ideas, etc. Once again, not really a junk drawer like notebook number one, but an “ideas” notebook. I have found this to be so helpful. When it’s time for me to write a new blog post, or begin working on a sermon topic for a speaking engagement I might have coming up, all I need do is bring out my notebook and a list of ideas are waiting for me.

If you want to get organized and stay organized one of the best tools is the “notes” notebook.

In part 3 of getting and staying organized, I will walk you through five simple steps to being organized and staying on top of the things you need to be on top of.


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