I Might Be Delusional

I feel like I’m a silo that has been filling up with grain. Occasionally some is drawn out and used, but there must be a way to draw out more and share with the masses. But maybe I’m delusional. Everyone thinks they have something important to say, especially pastors, and most of the time, even if it is genuinely important, it is not original or…not really that important at all.

Our pride and good intensions trick us into believing our voice needs to be heard. Jan Johnson, in her book “Enjoying The Presence Of God, says: “We often think God is using us to reform the world when it’s only a matter of our wanting to ventilate our opinions.” Ouch.

We must be careful not to force the issue, take a sledgehammer to the side of the silo, or we might end up exposing others to stimulating but foolish or useless ideas that will only reinforce in their minds that which is foolish or useless. Or, and I’m not sure which is worse, we can expose others to our attempts to communicate important things when there are others far more eloquent and qualified to do so.

Some things are best kept to yourself. The trick is to know when to speak, when not to, and how. And…when tempted to pick up a sledgehammer, reconsider.

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