I Got Rebuked!


A while back I was rebuked by a man who read and attempt of mine to be funny on Facebook, he (in my opinion) misunderstood and did not find me funny. He handled it in all the right ways: began by praising me and then dropped the real reason for his note: correction, rebuke, the stating of his offense. I went overboard in my apology instead of becoming defensive. If you cannot be humble that at least act humble. But I was disappointed with how much I stewed over this for the rest of the day. There are few reasons how this brother helped me:

1. He provided a reminder of how much I must be careful with what I put out there, i.e. Facebook.

2. He gave me an opportunity to serve him by providing an example of a humble response to criticism and rebuke.

3. My true feelings (although known only to God) exposed how much pride and contempt still resides within me.

4. He, although unbeknownst to him, helped move me towards humility (which is the direction I want to move) since one cannot become humble without being humiliated. It is essential that we experience occasional rebuke, correction, and humiliation (regardless who is right). When I look at it in this light, my friend did me a great service for which I am indebted to him.

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