Going Deeper: I Don’t Care What You’re Praying For: Waiting for the Divine Response.

Journal entry: 2.3.12 (Romans 11:1–10)

“… what then is the divine response?”

The only thing that really matters is not so much what we say (prayer), but what God says, the Divine Response. It’s not enough that we “prayed about it” if we don’t come away with the Divine Response. Oftentimes our prayers are nothing more than our subconscious way of trying to get God’s stamp of approval on the thing we really want, or intend to do anyway. Someone says, “I really prayed about it (3 min.) and I’m going to…”

I’m not interested in what you prayed, how you prayed, or how long you prayed, how many people you solicited to join you in prayer. What really matters is the Divine Response. But that usually takes a certain amount of quiet attentiveness which slows us down from what we really want to move forward and do. The heart is deceitfully wicked and we must never underestimate our ability to convince ourselves that what we want is what God wants.

What is the Divine Response? Wait for the Divine Response. “Well I’m not getting anything!”, then wait, wait, and wait some more until the volume is turned up enough to hear the Divine Response. The friends of decisions are “wait” and “listen.”

Question: is there anything you are praying about that you need to wait on until you get the Divine Response?